In order for you to fully understand what my services entail, I have listed them below.


There are several options for you to choose from as my aim is to offer the individual author the services he/she specifically requires.


All costs are based on a word count of 60.000 words or less.


Furthermore, my aim is to quote you accurately based on your specific word count and the first three chapters. (See 8.1 & 8.2 in Service Agreement). When a full word count has been provided, I will give you an estimate on the rate of your specific manuscript. That way, you will know right from the beginning exactly how much your project will cost you – I promise you that there will be no hidden charges!


As always, please feel free to contact me via email – – if you have any questions and/or concerns!




1) Beta Reading


  • This service is exactly what it means: a thorough beta reading of your book. It includes my opinion on plot, characterization, writing style and structure – I wholeheartedly believe that I can give you sound advice based on the fact that I am a very avid reader of New Adult and Contemporary/Erotic romance.
  • Cost: US$0.0030 per word.
  • Example: 60.000 words = US$180.00




2) The Basics


  • This service includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement. I believe that this is an excellent solution for proficient writers who simply need an extra pair of eyes – because no matter how many times you look through your own manuscript, mistakes can or will be overlooked.
  • Cost: US$0.0040 per word.
  • Example: 60.000 words = US$240.00




3) Standard Editing


  • This service includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, transitional phrasing, and continuity/flow of thoughts.
  • Cost: US$0.0045 per word.
  • Example: 60.000 words = US$270.00




4) Content Editing


  • This service includes Standard Editing, as stated above, but it takes it one step further: it also includes sentence re-writes when necessary + reviewing the plot/character elements for consistency in your novel.
  • Cost: US$0.0050 per word.
  • Example: 60.000 words = US$300.00




I have one more option – and yes, the costs are somewhat higher than the others, but that is based on the fact that this is a very time consuming service I provide:


5) Book Critiquing


  • In short, this is a service where I not only do basic/content editing, but I will be a very thorough beta reader for you as well. Meaning, I offer you a written, detailed account of what I think about your work and what I recommend within specific areas, such as: genre, audience, title, writing style, characterization, setting, plot, and structure.
  • Cost: US$0.0070 per word.
  • Example: 60.000 US$420.00




**Note: If you are looking for a service not mentioned above, please email me and I am positive that we can come to an agreement.



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